6 pax, including 1 FNG Jeremy, assembled at Grizzly for Newman’s VQ.
63 degrees, dark, cool, and a bit of mist at the start, clear the rest of the morning.

Chirp Chirp, Kitty, Pappy, Wriggly, FNG, Newman.

  • Welcome/disclaimer
  • Warm Up
    • Side Straddle Hops 15
    • Weed Pickers 15
    • Arm Circles 15 Forward, 15 backward
  • Workout Around the World in 45 minutes
    • Farmers carry across the bridge to first corner (North America)
    • Zamp Hold South to second corner (South America)
      • 10x each of
        • Curls
        • Squats
        • LBCs
        • Incline/Decline Merkins
    • Farmers carry to third corner (South Africa)
      • Repeat 10x
    • Zamp North to fourth corner (Europe)
      • Repeat 10x
    • Zamp East back to North America
      • Plank
      • Repeat 10x
    • Zamp Hold South to second corner (South America)
      • Repeat 10x
    • Zamp Hold Back North to North America
      • Final Repeat 10x
  • Zamp to wall for Mary
    • Flutter kick x 15
    • Low Dolly x 15
    • High Dolly x 15
    • Mid Dolly x 15
  • Recover Recover

Moleskin: Happy to get my VQ in this morning, and add to the 3 VQs at Grizzly this month. Thanks to the pax for the guidance, and thanks to Kitty for the encouragement to sign up for a Q session. I’ve drank the Kool-Aid, just bought my starter kit from the F3 gear site, and signing up for another Q in October.
Nice work Men!

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