9/28/2020 @ THE HILL

Weather – Cloudy but a perfect 60 degrees for a stroll in the gloom.

The Thang – Runners ran and Ruckers rucked. Ruckers were asked to add 10+ pounds plus a special appearance of a 40ish coupon passed around throughout the ruck. Great work!

Mumble chatter – Hard to pin point anything in particular…more of what wasn’t talked about. Topics ranged from going back in time when kids did dumb illegal things in middle school; to possibly having parents move in and the new documentary Social Dilemma. As always soooo good to hear life being shared.

Pax – Clancy, Cheeseball, Murder Bunny, Pew Pew, Headlock, Khaki, State, Nomad, Cornwallis, Motorboat, Logger, Pontoon-19

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