Block Party Fun

Weather: 45 degrees

Pax posted: 14

Welcome w/ Core Principles: Free, open to all Men, Peer Lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, Church and F3 are not responsible.

Warm up: IC x10

• Weed Pickers

• Wind Mills

• Imperial Walkers

Zamp carry to lower level!

Thang: Re-Living the 30’s (age not time!)

• Station 1: 30 Block Mericans, then 31 Block Curls, then 32 Lawnmowers (16 each arm). Zamp Carry to next Station.

• Station 2: 33 Squat Thrusters, then 34 KB Swings, then 35 Chirpees. RH Farmer Carry to next Station.

• Station 3: 36 Block Plank Jacks (single count), then 37 Block Mtn Climbers. Zamp Carry to next Station.

• Station 4: 38 Block Presses (on back), then 39 LBC w/Block. LH Farmer Carry to station 1.

• Rinse and Repeat

Zamp Carry to upper level


• Little bit of stretching!

Recover Recover!

Moleskin: It was a chill morning but quickly warmed up as we moved into the “thang” for this morning! It was great to see the men pushing themselves and one another. Q took some time to praise our Father for the health of our guys and their families while doing some of the workouts (blocked out the pain)!Love you guys and you truly inspire me to be better. Chirp Chirp out!

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