Weather: 32 degrees and calm

6 Pax posted Big EZ: Sarge, Mullet, Butterfly, Pickles, Springbok, Beefsteak(Q)

Warm-up: SSH, Abe Vagotas, WeekPickers, Arm Circles, Arm Pretzels

Mosey to the Wall: Step-ups in cadence x20

Thang 1: Pick a rock and a partner. P1 does thrusters. P2 runs, 20 merkins, runs back. Flip flop and repeato for 10 mins.

Thang 2: Combo exercises to be completed at each parking line. Burpee, Apollo Ono, Lt Dan, Imperial Walker, Hillbilly Walker. Continue until 0603.

5 minute plank session.

Mary: American Hammers, Heel Touches, Low Dolly, Rosalitas, LBCs

Recover Recover

Moleskin: Like a spicy jar of gherkins, Pickles came in hot. Mubblechatter pretty tame today…… miss you Brickyard. Plank session looked a little rough, need to keep working at that one. Starting up a block party at the Big EZ next week, more details to come. Weather was great. Thanks for the opportunity men!

TAPS: Continued prayers for Butterfly’s mom as she has some tests this week to see how effective cancer treatments have been. Prayers for Beefsteak’s daughter for healing after her 3rd stress fracture on her left lower leg.

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