Weather was a crisp cool 36 degrees with clear skies.

Three pax reported…Kitty, Pappy, and Wrigley (Q).

Disclaimer was provided about halfway through the workout when YHC realized he had forgotten it and was afraid the pax might sue him if injured. Without Retainer there to provide legal cover, YHC promptly gave the disclaimer better late than never.


SSH IC x50

Kick with a twist IC x20

Weed pickers IC x20

The Thang

“I” Incline

“P” Push

“C” Curl

Starting in the nearby grassy area, we did 5 block merkins (i.e., “I”). Zamp carried the block to the parking lot and did 5 block sleds (think mountain climbers while pushing the block on the pavement and 2 steps is one rep) (i.e., “P”). Zamp carried the block to the grassy area on the other side of the wall and did 5 block curls (i.e., “C”). Zamp carried the block back to the original starting area.

Completed nine rounds so that we ultimately did 5-10-15-20-25-20-15-10-5 reps (125 total reps of each exercise). Farmer’s carry was deemed an acceptable modification for the Zamp carry, mostly so YHC didn’t drop the block on his head.


Flutter kicks IC x25

American hammers IC x20

LBCs IC x20

Shoulder taps IC x25

High dolly IC x20

Low dolly IC x10

Recover recover


Moleskin: Pappy is convinced the pre-blast reference to IPC scared everyone away. We made some sweet tracks in the parking lot which Fishers Parks and Rec will surely appreciate. There’s nothing like the smell of burning cinder blocks in the early morning hours. Not a lot of mumble chatter, mostly huffing and puffing. The pax were pleased that murder bunnies did not make an appearance. Maybe next time. Honored for the chance to lead today.

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