35 degrees, clear skies, 8 PAX for a well rounded beat down: Wapner, Stache, Boucher, Piper, Cubbyblue, Pew Pew, Bubblicious, Daisy QIC


  • Arm stretches OYO
  • Shoulder Pretzels 20IC
  • Sprinklers 15IC
  • Grass pickers 15IC
  • Sumo Squats 15IC
  • Stretch tightened area OYO

Mosey to happy place

Thang: Leg, Arm, and Core Bermuda Triangle- each point of the triangle perform area specific exercises.

Happy place: Aiken Legs; 20 each of squats, box jumps, lunges, split jump lunges

Large shelter house: ATMs; 15 alternating shoulder taps (each shoulder) 10 tempo merkins, 10 merkins

Bath house: Bruce Lee’s; 20 each, American Hammers, leg raises, LBC, heel touches, crunchy frogs, 100’s

Indian run down stairs, around aviary to flag


  • Box cutters 25IC
  • Freddie Mercury’s 25IC
  • Peter Parker Peter 20 OYO
  • Bruce Lee


Nice brisk morning to wake you up for a beat down. The fart sack was stronger this morning than it had been in a while. Unfortunately no DDM this morning. Chatter started strong, but as the triangle took over chatter disappeared. Nice to take the large shelter house back for a morning! It had been a long time old friend! Chatter became replaced by moans as the second and third round took their toll, and the Indian run seemed rougher than usual after the triangle. And longer reps in Mary also brought a good burn. Looking forward to the muscles talking on Tuesday morning after this workout. Hopeful that the fart sack will not hold as strong for Wednesday! See you all then!

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