Amazing clear sky, awesome view of moon and stars and 46 degrees

18 PAX – FNG (Potentially named “Snitches”) Snooki, Snaphook, Bumblebee, Optimus, Cheeseball, Murder Bunny, Cosmo, Commodore, Headlock, Nomad, Pontoon 19, State, Ponzi, Logger, Wooly Dutchman, Josh Henney (Faceoff), and Clancy Q.

Disclaimer included the City of Carmel and the Carmel Police Department. Let’s be real – the biggest potential for injury was the Q.


SSH IC x20

Abe Vigoda IC? X10

Arm Circles IC X10 X2

The Thang

Pogo 40 – After a mosey down the stairs to the east lot, the Q bragged momentarily for secretly reading Freed to Lead yet not attending any Q Source. For those that have read, you are aware that the POGO 40 is in reference to the SadClowns that typically added 40 before shedding 40, rinsed and repeated.

So, we started on the east landing zone, at the bottom of the lot. From there, we pushed through 40 Merkins, 40 LBCs, and 40 Squats.

To simulate the adding of 40 pounds, we ran to the top deck via the grassy knoll (no shots fired next to the silent Fern (AKA grass). We Mumble Chattered through 40 Hand Release Merkins, 40 Flutter Kicks, and 40 in-place Lunges before simulating our shedding of 40 with a run to the bottom lot again.

And as any SadClown would have, we rinsed, and we repeated.

We gathered around a light on the east lot before a mosey back up the stairs for some Mary.


A brief Mary consisted of Motivator from 40 eh…ehhh – 4.

Recover recover


Moleskin: Not lost in this was the day late celebration of the number 40 for Nomad. Special thanks to Nomad for letting me know that Flutter Kicks were in fact called…Flutter Kicks. For my first beatdown Q, I recognized a lot more Mumble Chatter than normal. Hopefully that was from a workout that pushed the limits of the whole body. On a final note, the FNG attempted to call out the Q during COT. Something about flirting with a teacher years ago. He quickly learned that he missed the word “successful” as he was talking about my M of nearly 10 years. Let it be known – this Q married WAY UP!

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