47F brisk and cool

6 pax: Khaki, Kindergarten Cop, Coyote, Wrigley, Jackie Moon, and Motorboat

Disclaimer given

Warm Up:
Abe Vigota x 10
IST x 20
SSH x 25

Mosey to the playground
Obstacle course through the playground
Dips on the stairs x 40 IC
Mosey to the football field
Broad jump 10 yards
Hand release merkins x 5
Broad jump 10 yards
HR merkins x 4
continue down to 0
CrabWalk 10 yards
Crab Cakes x 5 each side
Back to broad jumps as Q didn’t like the cold hands x 10 yards
crab cakes x 4 each side and work down to 0
Broad Jumps x 10 years and no surrenders from 5-0
burpee broadjump the rest of the football field
Mosey back to the rotunda
bear crawl the bridge and increase speed for the length of the pond
11s with box jumps and reverse crunches
Merkin Mountain on the picnic tables

25 seconds on, 5 second break
Figure 8s
hip raises
Freddy mercury with v-ups
Heel press
3 way seat ab tuck
Knees to elbow crunches
25 flutter kicks IC

Recover Recover

Great morning to be working out with everyone. Ditched clothing pretty quickly as we got warmed up. It was awesome to have some regulars from grizzly come up to tundra. Also got to see the lighted dog vests again at the end of the beatdown. Thanks for supporting the new AO. Keep EHing. See you in the gloom!

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