12 PAX: Nomad, Kitty, Beefsteak, Maize, Chirp Chirp, Kindergarten Cop, Motorboat, Pontoon-19, Logger, State, Dr. Porkchop, Khaki (Q)

Warm Up:

Weed pickers 10 IC

Windmill 10 IC

Finkle Swings OYO

Arm Circles OYO


Mosey to Rotunda

Dips 20 IC

Incline Merkins 10IC

*Dr. Porkchop appears*

Decline Merkins 10IC

Mosey towards football fields

Sprint on straightaways (2)

Hold Al Gehring*

Indian run w/ a burpee to the playground

Obstacle course through the playground

Go down the tall slide – for fun 

Mosey to football field

Lt. Dan’s to line, at the line – 5 merkins (5 lines)

Bear Crawl to line, at the line – 5 squats (5 lines)

Broad jump to line, at the line – 10 calf raises (5 lines)

Sprint to goal post


Bear Crawl Bridge

Mosey to bathroom wall

Wall Sit – 1:30 min

Mosey to Rotunda

Partner up – P1 runs .2 mile loop with group / 10 burpees. P2 does Crunchy frogs. Switch & Repeat


Flutter kicks 25 IC

LBC’s 25 IC

American Hammers 10 IC

C-sit pulses 10 OYO

Flutter kicks 25 IC


T-Claps to Dr. Porkchop, Kitty, and Beefsteak for making the trip up to Tundra from farther AO’s this morning. Great energy this morning made for some great mumblechatter. It’s not every day that we can rename exercises! At Tundra, we now have “hold Al Gehring” (Kindergarten Cop’s birth name) instead of hold Al Gore and also “hold merkin” instead of hold plank. The beatdown today was a little bit on the lighter side due to GrowRuck coming up but still a lot of fun to lead! Also, yes, I did indeed “borrow” some of Motorboat’s ideas from his Beatdown on Tuesday. But I’ve heard imitation is the sincerest form a flattery, right? Always a pleasure men. Keep giving it away and growing this great thing that F3 Indianapolis is!

Khaki out

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