Weather: Equal parts sweatshirt and tank top weather. Best F3 weather by far. 50 and calm.

Pax: Bubble Bath (FNG), Runner-up, Teddy Bear, Ponzi, Zamboni, Pickles, Cheeseball, Motorboat, Khaki, Pontoon-19, Maize, State, Nomad, Clancy, Headlock, Sarge, Wrigley, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Warm Up: 16 SSH, 11 Kick w/ twist, 17 Arm circles, 16 SSH. All IC

The Thang:

5 8- ct man makers

10 alpos

15 decline merkins

20 back squats

25 curl presses

Farmer carry to line and back

AMRAP 15:00

Partner Up

200 bent over rows, 150 chest press, 100 deadlift

Other partner zamp carry to line and back


Take it and leave it BB Sit ups – 10 IC

Block up- bay city scissors 10 IC

Recover recover

Moleskin: Odd to see khaki and motorboat taking it easy for once, but it definitely got me excited for them and what they’re going to accomplish this weekend. I think I can speak for everyone and say that watching them prep for growruck and kill it during IPC has been inspiring and fun. Welcome FNG Bubble Bath! Great work today men. Always a pleasure.

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