Weather – 60* perfect morning

PAX – Headlock, Bumblebee, Sarge, Chirp Chirp, Clancy, Wooley Dutchman, Wrigley and Pontoon-19

Mumble chatter – Chirp Chirp came in hot. Sarge was a HIM and furnished the pax with battery operated glow sticks to keep us safe in the gloom. We stepped off a few minutes behind schedule. Adding to the gloom was my “respect” moment and missed a turn which provided an opportunity to pick up the pace. We finished 4.22 miles in 67 minutes. Great job men. As always closed in a COT. Honored to have shared the morning with you.

EC – Coffee-teria – Wrigley, Clancy and Pontoon-19 – Question of the morning…Are we creating memories for our 2.0s that our Dad’s made for us?

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