Weather: A cold 55 degrees with a lot of much needed rain

3 pax came out to enjoy the other side of the gloom. Quick,DC, Zoolander (Q)

Disclaimer was given almost immediately after the first bolt of lightning (all Pax agreed that the next bolt would be the end of the beat down)

Workout began:

10/12 EMOMS
Warm Ups
SSH-20 ICWeed pickers- 15 IC
Imperial Walkers- 15 IC
Air presses- 12 IC

Block Party
EMOMS with 5 exercises (Curls, Goblet Squat, Skull Crushers, Block Deadlift, Boat Sit with Over Head Press) The pax have 1 minute to complete 25+ reps of each exercise. After the 5 minutes there will be a run (suicides on the basketball court if open.) Complete 5-6 rounds.

Dead Bugs- 20LBC- 20High Dolly- 15 ICFlutter Kicks-15 IC

Moleskin: We were able to get through the warm ups and the first round of the EMOMS before the second round of lightning hit. We all agreed that it was best to call it quits. Quote of the night was from DC- “Well if lightning does hit at least I know where I am going!” Now he didn’t specify where that was exactly but I am sure the 3rd F was a determining factor to his”location”.

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