Weather: “this air is cold” – Cougar

Pax: Square, Cougar, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Warm Up: 30 SSH, 15 Windmill, 20 Imperial walkers, Arm swings OYO, mosey around parking lot

Mosey to school

Triplet workout: 2 exercises, 1 pax running. All pax rotate stations when runner gets back. Cumulative count on each exercise

100 double merkin burpees, 150 pull ups, run

300 merkins, 500 Squats, run

Mosey back


1:4 – (5/20, 4/16, 3/12, 2/8, 1/4)

BB sit ups, American hammers – 5 —> 1

Leg raises, flutter kicks – 1 —> 5

Moleskin: T-claps to Cornwallis for getting up and leading q source even though he needed another recovery day from GrowRuck. Mumble chatter about how impressive finishing grow ruck is and how unique F3 workouts are compared to what we’ve done previously. Cougar is contemplating his VQ, excited for that when he gets back from vacation. Or maybe Thursday. Who knows?

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