Weather : clear and chilly 46 degrees
Warm up

7 PAX showed up for the hump day beat down: Wrigley, Kitty, Coyote, Jackie Moon, Cosmo, Maize and Zoolander (Q)

SSH- 25 IC

Weed pickers – 12 IC

Arm Circles- 10 IC forward, 10 IC Backwards

Imperial Walkers- 15 IC

Beat down
5 Rounds of these exercises 30 sec each 30 sec rest

Plank Rows, Plank jumps or plank walk ups, Merkin to downward dog

3 Rounds of these exercises 30 sec each and 30 sec rest

Left Leg step out, Right Leg step out, Left lunge and pulse, Right lunge and pulse, Squat and pulse

Dead bugs 30 sec
High Dolly 30 sec
Low Dolly 30 sec
LBC 30 sec
Single Leg Compressions 30 sec

Moleskin: It was great being back out in the gloomy with the crew at Grizzly. We all learned a lot from Wrigley this morning. We learned he has the best core in F3 and also that if you need Wrigley on his birthday or Father’s Day he will be busy for roughly 30 seconds.

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