7 PAX gracefully emerged from the sack this morning. Yes. 7. Only 7

Cool mid 40s


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Shoulder Pretzels ICX20

Finkle Swings 10 each leg OYO

Nipple Tweakers ICX15

Tempo squats ICX10

Tempo Merkins ICX10

Motivator from 10

Mosey to happy place


Crowd pleaser pyramid up to 4 and back down

Dirty hook ups ICX10

Mosey to shelter house

ROF abyss merkins

Follow the leader on the stair laps

Hit both feet on each stair

Hit one foot each stair

Skip a stair

Paula Abdul

Stair suicide

Next phase was at bottom of the hill

One burpee

Crawl bear to top

2 jump squats

Walk down

2 burpees

Crawl bear to top

3 jump squats

Walk down

3 burpees

Crawl bear to top

4 jump squats

Then R&R the stair routine



Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointers ICX20

Hello Dolly ICX20

Freddie Mercury ICX10


Disappointed in the turn out today but with a couple traveling and a couple injured, I guess its to be expected. Butt down Boucher

It was mentioned that some of our old school exercises are peeking some interest (abyss merkins). Maybe we need to dig deep in our old BBs. Butt down Boucher

As we were descending the stairs what to our wandering eyes should appear, but the Christmas sign for “12 Pipers Piping.” Much discussion took place regarding what a Piper piping could be or would look like. It may be turned into a new exercise. Butt down Boucher

There was even mention of Humdinger as we headed to the stairs for a second time. That guy loves stairs. Problem is he’s become a KOTTER. No Bueno. Butt down Boucher

Hope to see moreout on Friday.


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