32 degrees, clear skies, frosty morning for 9 PAX- Piper, Jay-Z, Boucher, Cubbyblue, Shamu, Stache, Bubblicious, Crabby P, Daisy- QIC


  • Matt Bondi- 30 sec. each direction
  • Joe Lewis- 15IC
  • Apolo Ohno- 15IC
  • Dwight Howards 30 sec
  • Finkle swings OYO
  • Willie Mays Hayes

Mosey to Baseball diamond

Thang: Nolan Richardson’s- one pax does exercise while partner back peddles 50 yards, does a Bobby Hurley, runs back and flapjacks

  • 150 Burpees
  • 300 squats
  • 150 big biys
  • 300 LBAC
  • 150 Merkins
  • 300 imperial walkers


  • Nolan Ryans- 10IC each side
  • Floyd Maywethers- 21IC
  • Makhtar N’Diayes- 10OYO
  • Bruce Lee


Moleskin: Nice brisk morning to wake you up and yet make you long for your warm bed. In honor of national sports day the beat down was brought to you by exercises named for people in the athletic realm. Chatter about exercises we could add to the workout- Lebrons (flopping and leaving early) lochtes (robbing convenient stores) among others during warm up. The groans heard when PAX were informed we were moseying to the ball diamond brought a smile to YHC’s heart. Who would have thought not going to the basketball court would have brought disappointment?!? Nolan Richardson’s made me dislike the Arkansas coach even more than I already did. The 150 burpees took a lot out of everyone very quickly. Didn’t quite complete the workout- but most made it to the Imperial Walkers. Definitely lots of grumbling during the workout. All in all a challenging workout. But worth the push. Sorry more weren’t there to share in the pain! Looking forward to what awaits on Monday!

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