Weather – perfect fall morning cloudy and ~45ish degrees

Pax – Kindergarten Cop, Motorboat, State, Khaki, Pontoon-19

Open to all men
Always outside
Peer lead

Warm up –
Side straddle hop
Weed pickers
Imperial walkers
Arm circles – forward and back
Shoulder pretzels

The thang-
Bear crawl to rotunda
Step ups
Shoulder taps
Squats with 4 second hold
Side straddle skip 1 lap right/left around rotunda
Incline Mericans- squeeze low pecks
Plank jacks
Team table lift side bends 5 each side – awkward and odd # of pax didn’t work
Carolina dry docks
Mozy around the circle
R/R starting with dips

American hammers
Belly button squeeze
Superman / Angels
Alternating LBC
Pickle pointers

Recover recover

Moleskin – There is a side of Motorboat and Cornwallis we can experience during Grow Ruck. Stay tuned…Grow Ruck Indianapolis? Hmmm….

Count off
Name o Rama
Prayer requests / Announcements?

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