October 17th, 2020 – 36 Degrees, clear sky

14 PAX at the Hill for the pregame ruck.

PAX: Headlock, One Direction (downrange), FNG Matt, Sarge, Optimus, Kneehigh, Snooki, Marshall, Bumblebee, Khaki, Spaceballs (downrange), Clancy, Pontoon-19, Q-Woolly Dutchman

The ruck came in at about 3.5 miles and we passed around a couple of coupons.

An amazing morning with the crisp fall temperature, clear sky, and a beautiful sunrise with hot air balloon. There was mumblechatter of predictions for another Georgia loss to Alabama, Bumblebee’s wedding the next day, and some great stories being shared along the way. YHC watched PAX hold plank on the Hill and took a minute to find the ‘You vs 2nd Place’ motivational intro that we listened to while planking or holding Al Gore to get pumped up for the weekend. The COT added to the greatness of the morning as we heard a few heavy prayer needs and got to circle up with brothers in prayer led by Headlock. On the way home, I was extremely fired up about this special group of men we have and what we’re doing for our community. A great reminder that someone is out there that needs us to give it away.

Thanks for the opportunity and fellowship!

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