The Hill

Pax: Pickles, Maize, Cheeseball, Snooki, Ponzi, Lincoln Log, Clancy (Q), Bumblebee, Nomad, Snaphook, Snitches, Wooly Dutchmen, Headlock, Tulip, Faceoff

Core Principles

Warm-o-rama: (all IC)
Arm Circles X 10 X 2
SSH X 15
Abe Vigoda X 10

Mosey to the bottom of the Hill

Purpose Discussion

Burpees X 9 – then mosey

Bodybuilders X 9 – then mosey

Triple Merkin Burpees X 9 – then mosey

Triple Jump Squat Burpees X 9 – then mosey

All Together – Triple Merkin, triple plank jank, triple jump squat burpee – then mosey

Rinse and Repeat X 1

LBC X 20 (IC)
Flutter Kicks X 10 (IC)

Recover Recover

This beatdown was to honor Jacob “Hightower” Hancher out of F3 Grandstand. Hightower was a Myrtle Beach police officer recently killed in the line of duty. The 9 reps was from Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called Children of God”. As many Pax know, the Q dislikes burpees. So, what better way to get better than to fight my weakest link and share with by fellow Pax. My beatdown was frequently interrupted by those making requests. I think Snaphook, Headlock, Bumblebee (fresh from a freshly shared fartsack), and Pickles at least offered up some sort of burpee request. I felt the need to honor those requests. In the end, the burpose, uh, I mean purpose was to honor a peacemaker, a Child of God.

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