The Hill

Pax: Dr. Porkchop, Khaki, Bumblebee, Pontoon 19, Clancy (Q)

Core Principles – sorta – the Q was weak on this today.

Warm-o-rama on your own

The Thang

Ultimate “Electric” Frisbee with Loser Lunges

For some reason, the electricity in the air created some fear amongst our usual PAX. Those that trusted the Carmel bubble posted in glee. Upon arrival, and still in our mobility devices (probably an F3 name for that), the sky lit up with a beautiful lightening display. This created a bit of potential of Khaki leading a beatdown in the fish tank. Thankfully, the electricity moved on and Khaki and Dr. Porkchop established their dominance against Pontoon 19, Bumblebee, and some really slow guy. One bolt of distant lightning in the middle of the game, but all said and done, it dried up and we were tired. Losing team did some serious lunges and we all finished with a lunge walk before Recover Recover. Khaki learned that 24 is different than 45 when two collide and Dr. Porkchop has some “gifted hands” in the endzone.

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