Pax: Lincoln Log, ACE, Sarge, Springbok, Pickles, Mullet, Beefsteak, McStuffins, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles

SSH x 60 IC! (Happy 60th Sarge!)
Sang Happy Birthday to Sarge
Windmill x 10 IC
Weedpicker x 10 IC
Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC
Mtn Climbers x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

Thang: Kickball

Fielders held plank until the ball was kicked. Kicking team held squat.
2 out innings or everyone kicks twice, whichever comes first.
The number of runs in an inning by the kicking team led to exercises for the fielding team.

1st Inning: 7-7 (burpees by each team)
2nd Inning: 9-15 (8 count body builders)
3rd Inning: 13-15 (broad jump burpees)

Losing team: Bear Crawl to 1st and 2nd base, lunge walk to 3rd and home.

Indian (Native American) Run back for Mary

LBC x 60 IC (Happy birthday Sarge)
Straight leg crunch x 20 IC
In the Morning, At Night x 10

Recover Recover!

-Happy 60th Sarge! Respect, Respect! Proud of you and great to have you a part of F3!
-Some great kickball action- people couldn’t see the ball once it got a certain height, so that was entertaining.
-Springbok gets the win for MVP making 2 big catches which ended with him on the ground. This was game changing. Springbok also got hosed trying to stretch a triple into a homerun, but YHC wasn’t having any of that.
-The winning team decided to do the punishment with the losing team! Way to be HIM!
-It was fun to play and laugh. Thankful for you guys.
-Keep posting! Keep EH’ing! Sign up to Q!


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