Weather: 2nd warmest day of the week was great for a two PAX beatdown.

Disclaimer given after some bourbon trail discussion.


  1. Side straddle hops IC x 25
  2. Abe Vigoda IC x 15
  3. Imperial walkers IC x 25
  4. Low plank 1 minute
  5. Low Side plank 30 sec. each side
  6. Shoulder taps IC x 20

mosey to playground

  1. Inverted row on monkey bars x 15
  2. Decline merkins x 20
  3. One leg squat from first step of playground x 10 each leg
  4. Run 1/4 mile loop
  5. Repeat; 4 rounds total

Slowsey to shelter

  1. Dips x 20
  2. Bulgarian split squats x 10 each leg

Bear crawl towards hill

  1. Backpedal up bunny-hill
  2. Merkins at top x 10
  3. Repeat with 8 merkins, 6,4, and 2 reps

Slowsey to b-ball court

  1. Calf raises (reps for 20 seconds, hold @ top for 10) 3 sets – toes pointing out, toes straight, toes inward
  2. Runner’s lunge 10 reps each leg


  1. Low Plank (1 min)
  2. Low Side plank (20 seconds each side)
  3. Heel touches IC x 15
  4. American hammers IC x 15
  5. Flutter kicks IC x 20

Recover recover

Moleskin: YHC was excited to see another PAX post @ Grizzly on Friday of fall break week. Great talks about some KY Bourbon tasting helped the playground circuit fly by. Great way to start our Friday!

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