7 Pax posted in low-60 degree crisp air –Piper, Jay-Z, Crabby-Po, Shamu, Bubblicious, Boucher, Slit-QIC

Warm Up:

Grass Pickers X15 IC + Leg/Calf Stretches OYO

Shoulder Pretzels X15 IC + Arm Stretches OYO

Larry Birds and Knees to chest to stretch backs

Slowsy with blocks to CAP-tip/Happy Place

Thang 1: Prisoners

Prisoner Indian Run/ Regular Indian Run – stopping at various points for prisoner squats (x20 OYO) or No Surrenders (X10 IC).  Traveled the long way around the park over to the bottom of the stairs for an additional set of Prisoner Squats and No Surrenders.  

Continued the capital punishment with a Prisoner style stair suicide (hands on the head). Yet another set of P.Squats and No Surrenders.

Perp run (hands behind the back) up the stairs to the Happy Place for “Rec Time”- Dirty Hook-ups (x20 IC) and pull-ups (x10 OYO)

Thang 2: Andy Dufresne

PAX lined up shoulder to should at the tip of the CAP- about an arm’s length between each PAX – dropping down to a plank on their blocks.  PAX at the end of the line leaves his block and bear crawls to the other end of the line. Meanwhile the PAX still in plank begin one-armed pull-throughs of the block through the “tunnel” so it meets back up with its PAX on the opposite end. Rinse and repeat attempting to get from the tip of the CAP all the way back to the flag.


Prisoner squats x20, Box Cutters x20IC, Outlaws x20 OYO, Pickle Pounders x10 OYO, RnR until time



YHC received word that his Q assignment this morning had been voted on while he was away on vacation… come to find out that this fraudulent election was perpetrated by only a few PAX- BUT YOU’RE ALL GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION- hence the prisoner themed beat down today.  QIC only slightly disappointed there were no merlot splashes but Jay-Z’s shocked look was satisfactory enough when the Prisoner Indian Run path was announced.

Attempted a new workout today: the Andy Dufresne.  QIC was more than pleased with the outcome- a bit of a grinder and possibility for variations have already surfaced.  Mumble chatter increased exponentially – leading QIC to ask if PAX would like to return to Prisoner Runs- met with a resounding no. 

Good post. See you all in Zihuatanejo. Watch out for the Sisters.

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