7 Pax posted in the gloom –Daisy, Jay-Z, Stache, Shamu, Boucher, Bubblicious-QIC, Slit-YHC

Warm Up:

SSH x20IC, Imperial Walkers x20IC, Tappy Taps (DEEP grass pickers) x10IC, Tempo Block Squats x10 IC, Pigeon Pose/stretch 10 count each leg

Slowsy with blocks to Bob Sanders/Pile o’ Crap/Pool House

Thang 1: Catch Me If You Can

Partner up. PAX1 performs 10 merkins then sprints to catch PAX2 who had been running backwards, FlapJack.Pax rotated through variety of Merkins (diamond, regular, wide-grip). PAX traveled around entire park back to blocks (although there are rumors of shortcuts- tsk tsktsk).  Per usual Slit and Stache (aka team Slit-Stache) couldn’t be caught.

Thang 2: Block Party Circle of Pain

PAX circled up with blocks for a variety of tortures. 

Standing: Curls x10 OQC (On Q’s Count), Overhead Press x10 OQC, Sumo High Pulls x10 OQC, Bent Over Rows x10 OQC

On Your 6: Heavy LBCs x10IC, Block Press x10 OQC, Skull Crushers x10 OQC, Flutter Kicks x10IC

Thang 3: Circle of Pain

PAX circled up with blocks for a variety of tortures.

Hand Release Merkins x10IC, Peoples Chair (10 count each PAX), Quick Feet (aka Bacon Shakers) x10IC, Block Irkins x10 OQC, Little Baby DIPS x10 OQC, Quick Feet/Bacon Shakers x10 IC, Block Dirkins x10 OQC. Rinse and Repeat


Heavy Flutter Kicks, Heavy Freddies, 100s, Heels to Heaven IC, Heavy Flutters



YHC had joked that Q was going to rinse and repeat Friday’s winky, no such luck. Same disdain shown for Catch Me If You Can route though. PAX mumble chatter hit many peaks and valleys through the circles of pain. Evidently Peoples’ Chair brings out our creative juices when it comes to 10 counts, not much different than the Q asking for a 10 count rest. Quick feet quickly made the group realize we might want to focus on some back-centric exercises for a while. I’m sure the upcoming holidays will not help the Bacon Shakers feel any better. Also, word to the wise- please annunciate when asking for Baby DIPS.

YHC writing this for the Q due to the somewhat early arrival of his 2.1; Congrats to Bubblicious and his family- glad to hear all are doing well!

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