The Hill

Pax: Lincoln Log, Headlock, Pew Pew, Motorboat, FNG, Pontoon 19, State, Khaki, Chirp Chirp, Clancy (Q), Logger, Cornwallis, Nomad

Core Principles


Weedpickers X 10
Arm Circles X 10 X 2

The Thang

Runners Run fast with the FNG
Ruckers rucked with some squats, lunges, backwards uphill in the snow both ways, minus the snow.

The gloom began with a great surprise EH. An F3 HIM from Memphis EHd an FNG to The Hill. That was a first for this Q and I thought it was pretty cool. Then, he said his name, Ty Irons. Don’t mistake that name for an F3 name, that is his hospital name. And on his first day, he ran. He fit right in and we look forward to having him around (He did get named but I only know that because I am a day late doing this backblast). I can’t speak for the runners, except when us ruckers left, they were stretching, and when we came back, they were stretching. Cornwallis had a theory about those runners, and it would seem he might be accurate. Ruckers kept it close to enjoy the highest point in Hamilton County. We saw the hill a couple times. We added some squats under the lights, lunges between the lights, slow stairs on toes, tippy-toe walking, and some backwards uphill work. It was claimed that Swayzee was in his fartsack somewhere recovering from his previous meal. Q ALWAYS confesses his inappropriate fun-poking especially to people who save lives. Maize might correct me, but RESPECT!

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