Core Principles

Warm Up


Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Toe Touches x10 IC  (aptly renamed We’re Not Worthys)

Arm Circles x 10 IC

Slowsy to the parking lot

The Thang

Leg Blaster from 10

Super 21 BCs – Merkin/LBC combo with some extra fun

  1 merkin/1 LBC, Bear Crawl to next parking lot line

  2 merkins/2 LBCs, Bear Crawl to next parking lot line

  Repeato to 21 each

  At reps 5 and 10 – 5, 10  Bobby Hurleys

  At reps 15 and 20 – 15,20 SSH

Bear Crawl back to the starting postion

Motivator from 10

Mosey around the parking lot (to loosen back up)

Slowsy to the wall


Gas Pump/In the Morning combo (suggested as a rename by the PAX to the Cosmo) x 26

Flutter Kicks x 25

Rosalita x 25

Vertical Heel Touches x 25

Stretch – 3 mins



45F Cloudy and Soggy…definite GLOOM

PAX:  Jackie Moon, Pappy, Commodore, Nomad, DC, Wrigley, Coyote, Kitty, Cosmo (Q)

9 Pax posted in a soggy gloom for a down-and-dirty 21s workout.  Q had a few surprises with two lower body exercises before AND after the main stroll down the parking lot.  Lots of bear crawling and wet gloves.

Mumblechatter was good as Q was calling Pax out for response.  Notable quotes included:  “I’m trying to block it out”, “I’m just trying to get it done” and “I’m going home to puke”.  Wrigley also wowed the Pax with his “joke” about a college girlfriend (at least we’re pretty sure it was a joke).  Q was both amused and pleased.

Nice work men!  This was a tough one, but everyone did a great job!

Keep getting better and keep passing it on!

Always a privilege!


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