42 degrees, cloudy and moist for 7 PAX; Wapner, Piper, Boucher, Stache, crabbyPO, Maestro, Daisy- QIC

Warm up

  • Reach overs- 5IC
  • Reach Arounds- 10IC
  • Reach unders (grass pickers) 15IC
  • Willie Mays Hayes
  • Stretch what is tight OYO

Mosey to Baseball Diamond

Thang: Field of Dreams- PAX count off in 4’s- move to corresponding base and perform exercise at each base; Home- 15 Burpees, run to first and relieve AMRAP Squats, 2nd- AMRAP Mercins; 3rd- AMRAP LBC; round complete once every one is back to starting base

Vicious Circle: Indian style “run” around bases while last PAX runs to pitchers mound and completes 5 reps of exercise then runs to front of line.

Round 1- Bear crawl/ Hand release Mercins

Round 2- Walk like an Egyptian/ jump squats

2nd round of Field of Dreams

Round 3- gorilla walk/ pickle pounders

Round 4- hillbilly walkers/ plank jacks

3rd round of Field of Dreams

Round 5- slow jog/ sprint to the mound then front of line.


  • Box cutters- 20IC
  • Wheezy Jefferson’s- 10IC
  • LBCF’s- 20IC
  • Hello Dolly- 20IC
  • Freddie Mercury- 10 double count each direction


Evidentially the Fall Classic celebration this morning was lightly attended due to everyone celebrating the Dodgers World Series Crown late last night. Apparently much of the group wasn’t even aware of there still being a baseball season. No reason not to celebrate. Light cheering was heard with the return of the reach around warm up. Also chatter about the slow pace- but as usual with the reach around- it gradually sped up. A moist ball diamond made working out around the diamond a little more interesting. It was decided that by the time everything was done- we still don’t necessarily like baseball. A lot of concern today about COVID and affecting school and the kids and our families. Prayers offered up about that. (Note is was also mentioned how a player was deemed COVID positive and pulled from the game- but was magically healthy enough to celebrate the championship on the field with his team after. COVID must not show up for celebrations). Also congrats to the spirit of Bubblicious as he decided resting after the birth of his newborn was more important than working on his health to actually be around to raise the child. Prayers for them as well. Hoping that people shake off the celebrating from last night and show up on Friday to get us back to double digits. Be safe and hope to see you all on Friday!

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