48 degrees and rain, the PAX waited in their car, 5:27 PAX began to Circle up. Core principles stated and disclaimer disclaimed.

WARM UP. 5 SSH IC 5 kicks with twist IC 5 imperial Walker IC 10 SSH IC  10 kicks with twist IC. 10 imperial Walker IC. 15 SSH IC                                      15 kicks with twist IC                15 imperial Walker IC

THE THANG. Mosey to BBall court with a few stops along the way. First stop 5 burpees Second stop 10 burpees. Third stop 15 burpees. As PAX finished each set they circled the wagons in support of the PAX that need to finish up.

1 lap on the stairs

Crabby bear deathstar. Bear to the middle 5 merkins Crabwalk out 5 burpees. 8 stations 1 rotation

1 lap crabby bear stairs

Mosey back to flag with a stop at the fish bowl for some Mary. Slow scissors 30? IC. LBCs 30 IC. Bay City Scissors 1 round. Slowsey around east lot with a stairs lap then circle up at light post. The Q apologized for finishing 1min 45 seconds early concerned some might want their money back. Snookie mentioned Motivator, BOOM, problem solved… Motivator from 20…. ok just the 20. Recover Recover reminder from Headlock

COT. prayers for Headlock today at 9 as he meets with his surgeon regarding options for his shoulder. Prayers for the heart of our nation. We were encouraged to keep EH’ing other men who need F3 in their lives.

MOLESKIN YHC wanted to take the opportunity with the less than beautiful weather to encourage PAX to work on our mental toughness. That’s one of the reasons I was so thankful that Snooki said the motivator comment because all the PAX would assume we were done but we had not completed our full 45 minutes. The thing I love about F3 and the growruck, not that I was able to attend, and Dreads comments about “you can do anything for 90 seconds” is the fact that we really can do a lot more than we think we can. I reminded the guys of a comment I used to say back when we were much smaller here in Indianapolis which was “if you don’t post because of the bad weather you can never look at your wife during a movie about Special Forces and tell her “you know I think I could have done that”. ” I say that somewhat to be funny but I also really want to challenge guys to look at all the situations in our lives where we can tell ourselves we can do this, it’s not going to go on forever, and pick up those around us and push through. And I’m just now convicted of the fact that what I’m saying to you guys is what I really need to be telling myself. I was very thankful for the 10 men that showed up, as I told them it would have been miserable to do by myself in the rain, and I hope that if no one had shown up I would have had the mental toughness to just do it.

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