Weather: 45 and a bit of rain in the distance

disclaimer: yelled out as I got out of car due to coming in hot.

7 Pax. Pontoon-19, Motorboat, Khaki, Woolly Dutchman, Logger, Maize, Snaphook-Q

Warmo- SSH, Weedpickers, Goofball, Finkle Swings, Circular Mosey until dizzy.

The Thang: 2 exercises, then various modes of transportation around and around the rotunda.. and so on..

15 Merkins – 20 LBC(IC) – Mosey

20 Side lunges – 15 Toe out calf raises (IC) – Duck Walk

10 Cherkins- 20 Hallelujah Low Dolly (IC) – Skipping

30 Prisoner Squats- 15 Toe in calf raises (IC) – Bear Crawl

10 L, 10 R ,Stagger Merkins- 20 Aussie angels (IC) – Carioca

20 Bonnie Blair’s – 15 up straddle hop L (IC) – backpedal

25- Chilly Jacks – 20 starfish crunch (IC) – crab walk

10 Tony Hawk Burpees- 15 std calf raises (IC) – defense shuffle

20 Surrender Lunges-  15 up straddle hops R (IC) – Prisoner run

25 Plank Jacks – 20 snow angels (IC) – Rona Hurricane (dizzying circle run w various modes of transpo blurted out by Q)

25 Smurf Jacks IC

10 Catalina Wine Mixers


American Hammers, Butterfly Crunch, BBSU, LBC, Captain Thor

Prayer out and COT.

Moleskin: It was surprisingly dry in Noblesville. However YHC heard it was damp at the Hill and the Pit, so out of caution we stayed under the beautiful rotunda. My big government exercise wrist tracker said we still got in +4000 steps! always an entertaining time with these pax, & we knocked out a good full body workout. Pontoon broke out a smedium large jacket that he could not of worn 6 months ago, T-claps to him, he is doing great. All the Pax really enjoyed the extra calf and ab work. – until next time. Snaphook

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