10-30-20  39*  ~5mph  7PAX  Q-DC

Coyote, Jackie Moon, Pappie, Cosmo, Kitty, Wiggles

Disclaimer– aka you’re responsible for yourself

Core Principles – Outside and Open, Freed to Lead, enCircled w Trust 

WarmUp top and bottom…… 

The Thang

-Wall Jumps x4 – aka climb or belly over the decorative wall

-Squating Motivator from 6

-Dirty Hookups x20 RnR

-Balls to the Wall w Chicken Peckers x20? RnR

-Wall Sit at 90* for 20 secs RnR

-Dips x20

-Wall Incline/Decline x10 RnR

-PAX suggested Motivator from 10………

-Q fails at new Flippin Spider exercise


-Wall Pickle Pointers x20 RnR

-Wall Crunches x20

-Oblique Wall Crunches xforever

-Reverse Crunches x20

We got over the Wall and into the “Holloweenie” @cosmo weekend.

Mumblechatter and disgust for the wall was perfect

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