Weather: A balmy 28 degrees

12 PAX posted to The Hill for a Forrest Gump Run/Ruck. PewPewMan, Snaphook, Cornwallis, Clancy, Bubble Bath, Headlock, Khaki, Biscuit, State, Logger, Motorboat, Cheeseball (Q)

Welcome, disclaimer and core principals given.

Warmup: 5 SSH IC, 5 Weed pickers IC

The Thang: Runners ran to Founders park, Ruckers Rucked around Cherry Tree area trails

Recover Recover

COT, Picture by the flag

Moleskin: Motorboat was just getting back from his early morning ruck when the Q pulled in to the parking lot. Good to see that his family is back to good health and he was able to make it today. PAX started rolling out of their heated cars around 5:28 to get started on time. Runners ran. Q had mapped out a 2.8 mile course for the ruckers to follow, however Clancy thought the Q was going to get them lost. Luckily Mapquest didn’t disappoint (other than only getting 2.64 miles in). Ruck got off to a slow start, luckily @pontoon19 was not there to complain about the slow pace. PewPew Man was able to see the way with his NVG’s, Motorboat almost followed a path trying to get back to The Hill, but luckily figured out early enough it would have taken him into a creek and he turned around. We finally picked up the pace to make Pontoon proud and made it back just in time for COT and get a picture in on time. Q tried to blind everyone during the name-o-rama. Prayers to Bubble Baths co-worker, Steve, who had a kidney removed. Thanks for this morning! Feels great to get out in the gloom (especially when I feel like I slept in with the time change!)

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