Only one Pax (yours truly) for Owlbear this evening.

Made sure to tell myself that the park and F3 were not responsible for anything stupid that I did during the beat down.

Warm up….none just got to it!

Beat down- I just found out about the 2020 challenge and wanted to do my part in the challenge so I did 66 of 3 different exercises (Block curls, Merkins and LBCs) I will continue getting 22 reps of each work out every morning until the end of the month to reach 2020. Then I will start the fun again in Dec.

Mary…included in the short but sweet beat down

Moleskin…it gets lonely on Monday evenings. If you have an EH that isn’t quite ready for the gloom there is always Monday nights! It also gets dark a lot earlier so it definitely feels like the gloom(Just way less tired!)

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