20 PAX posted on the most 2020 of all days in 2020…election day. Preblast warned of “campaigning” and YHC was curious to see who would be brave enough to post.


F3 Principles

Warm Up:

Al Gore with Shoulder Pretzels & Arm circles



The Thang:

Mosey to the “US map”

Each PAX grab a sheet 

Run to a station, do the number of reps to earn the electoral votes, marks dot on state with marker, run to next station

1CA55 Overhead Clap (4 ct)
1TX38Squats (4 ct)
2FL, NY29Lunges (4 ct)
2IL, PA20Pike Push Ups (4 ct)
1OH18Jump Knee Tucks (1 ct)
2GA, MI16Burpees (1 ct)
1NC15Ski Abs (4 ct)
1NJ14Werkins (4 ct)
1VA13Morroccan Nightclub (4 ct)
1WA12Seal Jacks (4 ct)
4AZ, IN, MA, TN11Squats (4 ct)
4MD, MN, MO, WI10Merkins (4 ct)
3AL, CO, SC9Bonnie Blairs (4 ct)
2KY, LA8SSH (4 ct)
3CT, OK, OR7LBCs (4 ct)
6AR, IA, KS, MS, NV, UT6Flutter Kicks (4 ct)
3NE, NM, WV5Low Dolly (4 ct)
5HI, ID, ME, NH, RI4American Hammer (4 ct)
8AK, DE, MT, ND, SD, VT, WY, Washington DC3Jump Squats (4 ct)
1CA55 Lunges (4 ct)
1TX38Seal Jacks (4 ct)
2FL, NY29Merkins (4 ct)
2IL, PA20Jump Squats (4 ct)
1OH18Manmakers (8 ct)
2GA, MI16American Hammer (4 ct)
1NC15Dry Docks (4 ct)
1NJ14Bonnie Blairs (4 ct)
1VA13Burpees (4 ct)
1WA12Werkins (4 ct)
4AZ, IN, MA, TN11Toby Maguires (4 ct)
4MD, MN, MO, WI10American Hammers (4 ct)
3AL, CO, SC9Crab Cakes (4 ct)
2KY, LA8Overhead Claps (4 ct)
3CT, OK, OR7Bay City Scissors (8 ct)
6AR, IA, KS, MS, NV, UT6Al Gore Hold (10s/rep)
3NE, NM, WV5Shoulder Pretzels (4 ct)
5HI, ID, ME, NH, RI4Jump Knee Tucks (4 ct)
8AK, DE, MT, ND, SD, VT, WY, Washington DC3SSH (4 ct)


LBC x30 ic with holds and pulses

Recover Recover!


Great work today men. We started out the morning with some updates to our COVID protocol – try to maintain 10′ distance, no fist bumps/hugging/grinding (sup Cosmo), and no sharing coupons. Shoutout to Runner Up, Ponzi & Brickyard who all brought FNGs – way to EH! We named Brickyard’s FNG “Heartthrob” after learning he had a successful 3rd attempt at heart surgery back in September. Prayers for our nation, Streaker’s hand surgery, and the unemployed.

Until next time,


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