PAX: Kindergarten Cop, Maize, Nomad, Motorboat, Tiger King, Khaki (Q)


10 Weedpickers 

10 Finkle Swings each leg

10 Arm Circles each direction


Can our PAX get some U.S. Government facts right?

How long must you have been a resident of the United States?

14 years (Right = 14 burpees, Wrong = 28 burpees)

Set 1: 28 OYO

Set 2: 16 OYO

Set 3: 6 OYO

How old must you be to run for president?

35 years (Right = 35 Mountain climbers, Wrong = 70 Mountain Climbers)

Set 1: 35 IC

Set 2: 17 IC

Set 3: 2 IC

What year was the first presidential election?

1789 (Right = 25 Merkins, Wrong = 50 Merkins)

Set 1: 25

Set 2: 13

Set 3: 2

What was the shortest term for a president? 

32 days (Right = 32 Squats, Wrong = 64 Squats)

Set 1: 64 OYO

Set 2: 32 OYO

Set 3: 2 OYO

What are the 3 branches of government?

Executive, Legislative, Judicial (Right = 3 laps, Wrong = 6 laps)

Bear craw over bridge

Wall sit – 1 min

Dirty Hookups – 10 IC

Balls to wall 45degree Merkin – 10

Wall sit – 1 min


Morning-Night x10

Flutter Kicks IC x25

Gas Pumps IC x15

LBC IC x15

Crunch Frogs IC x10

Low/High Plank – 1min

Recover Recover


What a great morning to get the blood pumping! PAX were a little confused on YHC math skills when determining set counts but that mumble chatter quickly went away as the exercise began. No, it was not YHC VQ – just coming up with ways to get a lot of reps in! YHC mind was completely blown as Maize answered the correct answer of 1789 on the first guess – RESPECT (Probably got it right cause he was there but I can’t confirm that).

Khaki out

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