Warm Up

Imperial Walkers x15 IC


Hiesmans x15

Mosey to the old Marsh parking lot

The Thang

Stop #1

Superman/Banana x10

Vinyasas x 3

Hamstring stretches

Mosey around the building to the other parking lot

Stop #2

High Plan Work – Lift arms/legs for time

Cresent pose

Leg & back stretches

Mosey to other side of the parking lot

Stop #3

Low Plank work – Leg lift, knee to shoulder

Warrior 1, 2, Reverse

Groin & Back Stretch

Mosey back to the Wall


Flutter Kicks x25 IC

Rosalita x25 IC

Gas Pumps x25 IC

Low Dolly x27 IC




47F Clear and beautiful

PAX:  Jackie Moon, Coyote, Cornwallis, Cosmo (Q)

4 Pax posted for a Cardio, Core, Yoga Gumby combo beatdown.  Things started off well with the only real challenge for the Q to remember some of the finer details of the beatdown (like a watch).  Jackie Moon came to the rescue and provided the necessary time tracking for the beatdown.

Mumblechatter was pretty minor as Pax chose to talk among themselves during the course of the activities with a pace that was steady, but allowed for some F2ish discussion.  

The beatdown ended with a fairly lengthy list of prayer items, which is an humble reminder of how much we are blessed and the privilege (an opportunity) of being a HIM is other people’s lives.

Nice work men!  Be a #HIM to someone today!

Always a privilege!


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