Clancy, Marshall, Knee High, Sarge, Motorboat, Second City (Naperville), Better Call Saul (Naperville), Q – Khaki


10 IC Weed pickers

Arm Circles OYO


2.5 miles with some exercises along the way to get stronger


Great to have Second City and Better Call Saul join us from Naperville! Took off a little too early and didn’t see them at The Hill but they met up with us at Inlow Park after someone watching the sunrise at The Hill said they saw “some guys walk that way” and point towards Inlow. Beautiful weather and an even better sunrise this morning. We were starting to think the sun would never show again on a Saturday! Prayers for safe travels for our men at the retreat and our Naperville friends as they head back tomorrow! Always a pleasure men!

Khaki out

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