8 pax reported to Grizzly. Chirp Chirp, Coyote, Pappy, Faceoff, Biscuit, Bubble Bath, Cheeseball, Kitty (q).

55 degrees. Clear skies. Dark. Perfect morning for PT test. Disclaimer given. Brief overview of format and begin.

Warm-o-Rama: weed pickers ICx10, Imperial Walkers ICx15, Abe Vigodas ICx10, arm circle while holding Al Gore ICx10 each direction, SSH ICx10.

PT test – results sent to KC for tracking purposes

  • Kettle Bell swings AMRAP 2 min
  • Block curls AMRAP 2 min
  • Zamp Hold for time
  • Goblet squats AMRAP 2 min
  • Overhead Press AMRAP 2 min
  • Farmer Carry 2 blocks for distance
  • Block merkins AMRAP 2 min
  • 8ct man makers AMRAP 2 min

Recover Recover!

Excellent work put in this morning by these PAX. Some PAX doing PT test for first time and getting a baseline established. Others working to accelerate. In all cases, PAX pushed hard today. PT tests are always about you vs you, and the PAX all showed support and encouragement for one another. Prayers for family friends, family members and PAX that are going through challenging and serious health issues. Prayers for Cheeseball’s brother that he is safe and can be guided home. Prayers for Chirp’s upcoming closing and move that everything go smoothly. Praises for F3 and this group of HIMs that support and encourage each other. Always an honor to lead. Have a great day gentlemen. Aye!

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