Pax: Maize, Marshall, Kneehigh, Motorboat, Logger, Snap Hook, Kindergarten Cop, State (Q)

Weather: Low 60s!

Disclaimer and core principles given


Weed Pickers x 10 IC

Kick with Twist x 11 I(perfect)C

Arm circles x 20 OYO


We played some golf and then hit the cart path for a mosey after each hole.  Golfers could choose to play from the tee of their choice, but we always teed off together. 

Holes 1, 4, and 7: Par 4

Gold Tees 26 reps/Blue Tees 20 reps/Red Tees 14 reps

Shot 1: Mericans

Shot 2: Squats

Shot 3: Jump Knee Tucks

Shot 4: American Hammer

Holes 2, 5, 8: Par 3

Gold Tees 26 reps/Blue Tees 20 reps/Red Tees 14 reps

Shot 1: Shoulder Taps

Shot 2: Lunges

Shot 3: BB Sit ups

Holes 3, 6, and 9: Par 5

Gold Tees 16 reps/Blue Tees 10 reps/Red Tees 8 reps

Shot 1: Burpees

Shot 2: 30 second Al Gehring Hold

Shot 3: Turkish Get ups

Shot 4: Seal Jacks

Shot 5: Rosalita (come out tonight)


The weather was fine for a little golf and it turns out the Masters is this week.    Marshall and Kneehigh had their V Tundra experience after trying in vain to find the Ro-tundra last week.  Welcome gents!  The Pax were pushing hard and the mumble chatter on the running portion was less than YHC anticipated.  Motorboat has extremely questionable golf etiquette on two accounts: he was highly gassy (AGAIN) and was always trying to play through other golfers, Snap Hook especially.  Maize is ready for the Senior Tour (do they call it the Champions Tour now?!?) as he put in another fine performance today and was the leader in the clubhouse after 7 holes!  Squats and Jump knee tucks back to back made for a very difficult par 4!  The Hill is my F3 Home but the Tundra is worth a visit for those who haven’t been yet.  Really you are waking up early as hell already, what’s another 15 minutes???  Keep being kind, keep showing empathy, keep being HIM! 

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