Weather 43, crisp, moist


Crabby PO

Pew Pew




Cubby Blue



Wapner QIC


Maestro lap

SSHs IC x20

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

LBACs IC x20

Tempo squats IC x10

Sit & reach, cross overs, butterflies

Annie IC x10


Mosey to stairs

BLIMPS and stair laps

Burpees x5

Lunges x10

Imperial walkers x15

Merkins / Mountain climbers x20

Plank jacks / Pickle pounders x25

Squats x30

Stair lap after each BLIMPS – R&R x5

Lt. Dans at bottom of stairs 1/4 to 5/20

Jack Webbs at top of stairs 1/4 to 5/20

Mosey to flag


LBCs IC x20

Flutter kicks IC x20

Freddie Mercury IC x20

Gas pumps IC x20



Back at it with a “pick your poison” day for the PAX and today’s is a throw back to 6/20/18. Ended up with more votes in the poll than PAX showing up for the workout (11 / 9). Still not a bad showing considering the temperature drop and the moist ground. The fartsack always claims more victims under those circumstances. Slit making a strong pitch to claim the moniker Stache with one heck of a Movember soup strainer going. His suggestion is to change to Slit Stache and have Stache go by the PAX formerly known as Stache. No official action taken on the request.

A lot of residual soreness from Monday’s murph training. Groin tightness was stretched but suggested to see if the M could work on it later. That led into discussion of why Ms don’t have the same birthday requests that we do. No definitive answers given.

Had been a long time since BLIMPS made an appearance. Everyone loves the burpees of course and it was agreed that 25 plank jacks is a lot. 5 rounds plenty and left a little time for Lt. Dans and Jack Webbs and some reminiscing back to YHC and Boucher’s first workout – a true beat down from Rite Aid that required a two year break for Boucher.

Gas release during Mary may necessitate a doctor’s visit for one PAX not to be named. All in all a good day to put in some work. If you get an opportunity thank a veteran for their service. Aye!

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