46 Degrees and getting colder, plus a steady wind!


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Okay I forgot to give the disclaimer… I did give the four core principles though… wait… theres five?


Got started early and stretched it out


Ultimate frisbee (AKA Running)

10 smurf-jacks due every score, by BOTH teams.


Fun was had by all, and by that I mean smurf-jacks. Teams were chosen by luck-of-the-draw and then balanced by the Q. Because c’mon, you cant have Cornwallis, Ponzi, OB, AND Teddy Bear on the same team… The wind was blowing hard to the northwest, then seemed to do a 180 half way through the game. KC and Teddy Bear played bumper-cars a few times. I have a skinned thumb from attempting to block a Dr. Porkchop lightning bolt. Everyone seems to be getting better and more competitive as the weeks go on, good work men!

– Bumblebee

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