Weather: Chilly & Windy, 45’ish degrees

6 PAX showed up for the Block Party: Mullet, Beefsteak, Springbok, Butterfly, Brickyard, Pickles (Q)

Welcome w/core principles: free, open to all men, peer lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, church & F3 not responsible.

COVID restrictions in place, maintain social distance, no hugs and don’t breath in anyone’s mouth.

Warm up: 10x Forward Arm Circles, 10x Backward Arm Circles, 10x Weed Pickers, 10x Windmills, 10x Side Straddle Hops

The Thang:

Slowzy around the parking with your Blocky. Modified Death Star, 3-pointed star with stations at each point and in the middle. Men start at station, complete a rep, goto middle and repeat.

Station 1: 25x Goblet Squats, 25x Sumo Squats, 25x Jumps, 25x KB Swings

Lunge to middle, 5x Burpees

Station 2: 25x Decline Push-ups, 25x Incline Push-ups, 25x Dips, 25x Uneven Push-ups (each arm)

Farmer Carry to middle, 5x Burpees

Station 3: 25x Curls, 25x Shoulder Press, 25x Tricep Extensions, 25x Lawn Mowers (each arm)

Shoulder Carry to middle, 5x Burpees

Mary: 3 minute of Burpees OYO

Recover Recover!

Announcements & Prayer

Moleskin: Chilly and Windy, burpees got the sweat going. I bet men did about atleast 350 reps each. They are beast. Brickyard decided to bless us by his presence. I missed him (shhh.. don’t tell him). Plenty chatter and fellowship. Everyone kept the distance and no hugs. Stay safe.

Pickles out! (Q date, Wednesday 11/11/20)

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