PB: none

Weather: 30F, crisp and clear

Pax: Motorboat, Maize, Marshall, Kneehigh

No one signed up to Q so YHC brought the deck of cards with him and ended up with the Q.

Kick with Twist x10IC
Windmill x 10IC
Hillbillies x10IC

Mosey to the rotunda and do an extra lap around the rotunda
Squat x25IC
Merkin x13IC
Monkey Humper x25IC
Incline Merkin x20IC
Arm Circles x100IC
Diamond Merkin x25 OYO
Merkin x19IC
Monkey Humper x17IC
Plank x90 seconds
Lunge Walk x100m
Wide low Squat x 13IC
Plank Jack x25IC
Jumping Lunge (bonnie blair) x 16IC (2 is 1)
Sprint 400m (1 lap around the circle)
Oblique Crunch x15IC (15 each side)
Heels to heaven x 14IC
Hand Cal Merkin x12 OYO
Luge x18 IC
Side Squat x12IC
Bear Crawl x50 m
Shoulder tap x25IC
Flutter kick x50IC

Recover Recover


Moleskin: It was quite the weather change in the past 72 hours; more than 40 degrees cooler and you could really feel it. Breaking out the cards was fun and required a little modification as YHC did not know some of the exercises, and we needed a little distance secondary to the pandemic concerns.  Awesome to have Marshall out again this morning! Thanks for letting me lead this morning. 

Keep giving it away!


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