The Pit

Pax: Dr. Porkchop, Square, McStuffins, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles

SSH x 20
Kick with twist x 10
Windmill x 10
Weedpickers x 10

Run 1 mile to the elementary school on 62nd
100 Merkins
200 squats
300 LBC’s
Run 1 mile back

Flutter kicks x 15
Touch them heals x 15
W’s x 15
45 sec low plank

Recover, Recover!

-As Square pointed out, very different morning from Tuesday (over 30 degree drop)
-Great having McStuffins leave the fastest growing country of the EZ to join us city folk
-Porkchop went back to his roots coming in hot and luckily YHC did some warmup, otherwise he may have never found us.
-The run made it nice to have some fellowship time, but the exercises were silent. As Pork pointed out, we just don’t do a lot of the bulk exercises at once.
-Have a great day men! Keep having great impact and accelerating!


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