Weather: Clear, calm, mid 30s

Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust

Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/Zionsville Pres), modify, carry you to your car, ETC.


Side straddle hops x20 (IC), Abe Vigoda x10 (IC), Weed pickers x10 (IC), Finkle kicks x10(IC), I’s x5, Y’s x5, T’s x5 (IC)


Mosey to rock pile, pick up rock, Cusack (better known as Zamparini) to 2nd speed bump and back, arm circles (OYO), Squat Thrusters x20 (IC), Curls x20 (IC), Scull crushers x10 (IC)

Mosey to lower parking lot

You are Samuel the Strong, hero of the people of Grimsby. You have been tasked with the quest to find and destroy a mysterious creature that has been terrorizing the people of the realm. You embark on your quest mounted upon your steed, daredevil. The first thing you come to along the path is a stream that leads out of the village. You find a man, not from the village, fishing on banks. You decide to perform a wisdom (modifier +0)/insight (modifier +1) check 1d20 to see if the man has a pure heart and will help you find your way. The hero won the check so the PAX gallop around lot x2 with leg switch after first lap (yes, the Q brought coconuts and made gallop sound effects).

The hero found the man was trustworthy and he leads you to Orlock Cave where he has seen strange and large footprints. First you must jump across the stream with Strength (modifier +4)/Acrobatics (modifier +3) check 1d20. The check was won and so the PAX performed broad jumps down parking lot and back.

Both the hero and Daredevil make it across the stream easily, but when the hero mounts, Daredevil becomes restless in the darkening forest. You perform a Wisdom (modifier +0)/Animal Handling (modifier +3) check. You fall short of target on this check leading to the hero being thrown from the steed and so the PAX performed Donkey Kicks x20 (OYO) Get-ups x20 (OYO).

Without his steed the hero must now go the rest of the way by foot. He sees an 8 ft tall bear near the entrance of Orlock Cave. You decide to sneak past it to the entrance of the cave using a Dexterity (modifier +2)/Stealth (modifier +3) check 1d20.  This check was lost! The bear spots the hero and chases him and mauls his leg before he can break free. The PAX must bear crawl down parking lot and back then perform 20 One-leg Merkins (OYO).

Here ends part 1 of our journey with our hero lying near the entrance of the cave bleeding…

Mosey to rock pile, pick up rock, Kettle Bell Swings x20 (IC), Thrusters x20 (IC)

Mosey to Mary


LBC x20 (IC), Heal touch x20 (IC), Flutter kicks x20 (IC)

Recover, Recover


Perfect weather for a medieval beatdown. Mumble chatter was ample with the coming weekend, presence of @snaphook and @brickyard, and addition of the coconuts. New to Big EZ was the rule that for every car that races through the parking lot of Zionsville Pres (endangering the PAX) 5 burpies would be done by the PAX. The Q liked this rule, and it was executed 3 times this morning though the last one was a false alarm as the car parked indicating it was a ZPC staff member or volunteer. 5 burpies were done, nonetheless. We prayed for @brickyard’s job prospect, people of the inner city, our nation, and healing.

The Q is not a professional trainer or Dungeon Master, but he sure had a lot of fun with this one. Always an honor, Aye!

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