37 degrees, clear skies for 8 PAX- Boucher, Stache, Slit, Shamu, Wapner, Jay-Z, CrabbyPO, Daisy- QIC


  • Shoulder pretzels 20IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs 20IC
  • Sprinklers 15IC
  • Nipple Tweakers 15IC
  • Side lunges 10IC
  • Stretch tight areas OYO

Indian run around aviary, to stairs, to large shelter house

Thang: Bill Murray’s- the “Sheldon Cooper” that never decreases- like Groundhog Day- it keeps repeating. 10 each of Merkins, Squats, Big boys, and burpees. Run to the bathhouse, rinse and repeat back and forth between the two until time is called.

Indian run back to flag


  • Box cutters 20IC
  • Flutter kicks 20IC
  • Wheezy Jefferson’s 10IC
  • Hello Dolly- 13IC


Great morning for a beat down. Four showed up for a welcome party at 5am- 3 completed 1.75 miles, the 4th overachieved and put in an extra mile. Brought hopes of a large PAX this morning, but the fart sack was strong- evidentially scared that today was Friday the 13th in 2020. But the 8 were stronger with 8 rounds of Bill Murray completed and clean up of what we assume were some disgruntled cross-fitters that flipped trash and picnic tables at the large shelter. surpassed Stache’s request for 75 burpees. The Indian run back brought some interesting conversation of what runs through Boucher’s mind….. we will leave the content to the imagination…. but Jay-Z may need to look into some extra security as Boucher may be starting an obsession with him and his “hair color.” Also- Stache wanted it made known that he will be glad to yield his F3 name to any challenger that wants it to a dual of the first to complete 3 miles and 100 burpees….. discussion ensued and it was decided it would just be easier and better if he would just grow his Stache back. We will see where that leads. Best of wishes to the Ruckers on Saturday and hoping for a renewed commitment on Monday from the fart sackers as we need to be mindful of the holidays coming and we need to work off the pounds before we put them on!!!!!

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