Weather: a beautiful partly cloudy 52 degree night

Pax: 6 pax showed up for Owlbear, Zoolander (Q), Zamboni, DC, Kenny, Cosmo, Bueller

Warm ups: Weed pickers IC (12), Air pushes IC (20), Imperial Walkers IC (15), Arm Circles IC (10 forward/10 backward)

Beat Down: 6 stations set up (Kettle Bell Swings, SSH, Goblet Squats, Over Head Press, Lunges, Curls) exercise for 20 sec rest/travel to the next station 40 seconds. Repeat each round of the 6 exercises 5 times.

Mary: 40 sec on/ 20 sec rest- American Hammers, LBC, Flutter kicks. Repeat 2 times.

Moleskin: It was awesome having 5 other pax out with me tonight. It was motivating to be pushed by the 2.0’s as well. It really brought out Headlock’s Bible study from the retreat. Iron sharpening iron.

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