12 brave men posted for a barrel beat down in the low 30° gloom.


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICX20

Finkle Swings 10 each leg

Donkey kicks ICX10

Motivator from 10

Calf stretches

Hot Ass Lisa’s

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Partnered up and mosey to bottom of hill


PAX1 carries barrel over head and runs up hill, at top turns and rolls it down to PAX2.

PAX2 then runs the hill

Continued until each PAX ascended the hill 5 times

Lined barrels up in a row approximately 6 feet apart.

PAX lined up and frog jumped the barrels. Each PAX went through 3 times.

Barrels then placed on their side and PAX hurdled the barrels 3 times.

At top of stairs PAX 1 did exercise with the barrel as PAX2 ran a stair lap. Then flapjack. The exercises consisted of skull crushers, irkins, derkins, and squats. All AMRAP. This series was rinsed and repeated once.

One final round of barrel rolling on the hill with each PAX completing 3 rounds.


Pickle pounders ICX15

Pickle pointers ICX15

American hammer ICX15

Flutter kicks ICX15

Hello Dolly ICX15


Leg lifts ICX6


The barrels made a return after a long absence. Always a good time and it’s nice to change up the “coupon” a little bit. Complaining ensued immediately as one certain PAX claimed his barrel was full of sand. It was determined that, in fact, he is just full of…well…not sand. As the barrels raced down the hill the conversation switched to what may have once been in the barrels. The same PAX, a lover of Beck’s Hybrids and hater of all things Coca-Cola, claimed his barrel probably had Dicamba in it. Again, it was determined that he is full of…well…not Dicamba. It was good to have Bubblicious back with us. We are all looking forward to his next weinke being created using Elk hide. All in all, a fun workout with a great turn out. Continue to brainstorm potential FNGs.

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