Weather: 31 and 9 mph wind

6 Pax posted: Beefsteak(Q), Sarge, Pickles, Springbok, McStuffins, Mullet

Disclaimer and Core Principles given. Covid distancing in place.

Warm-up: SSH, Kick with Twist, Arm Pretzels, Imperial Walkers, Mountain Climbers

Thang: Partner up and grab a rock

  • P1 curls; P2 run then x20 Cindy Crawfords
  • P1 squats; P2 power skips then x20 LBC
  • P1 overhead press; P2 high knees then x20 merkins
  • P1 tricep ext, P2 run backwards then x20 Flutters IC
  • P1 bent row, P2 karaoke then x20 jump squats (drive by = 5 burpees)

Circled up for a Curl-o-rama. Switched rocks after each set. Mosey to the wall:

  • Dirty Hookup
  • Timed wall sits
  • Balls to the wall

6MOM: Jay Los, Supermans, LBCs, Pretzel Crunch, Low Dolly, Rosiltas, Flutters

Moleskin: Dug up an old beatdown for this one. Always entertaining to see grown men skipping. Sarge did not pick a rock wisely, we all paid for it during the curl-o-rama. Only one drive-by recorded during the Thang. Lets all be safe right now and make smart decisions. Thanks for the opportunity men!

TAPS: Be with McStuffins as he starts working some night shifts due to the COVID case surge. Prayers for Sarge’s wife as she recovers from a hospital visit.

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