Google says it was National Hike Day. We didn’t hike but went to 3 stations and did some beatdowns.

22 PAX for a chilly beatdown at the Hill, my first beatdown Q!
Chirp Chirp, Faceoff, Teddy Bear, Logger, Cheeseball, DC, Optimus, Bumblebee, Brickyard, Biscuit, State, Clancy, Headlock, Bubble Bath, Short Stick, Roid, FNG, Runner up, Diary, Heart Throb, Nomad, Q-Snooki


20 x SSH IC
10 x Weed picker IC
10 x Abe Vagoda IC
10 x Kick w/ twist IC


Mosey down to lower level parking lot, first station:
20 x crab cake IC
20 x slow squat IC
20 x seal jacks IC
20 x Carolina drydock IC
20 x mountain climbers IC

Indian run to the fishbowl, second station:
50 x decline merkins OYO
50 x Bobby Hurley OYO
50 x dips OYO
50 x Peter Parker OYO (1 is 1)
50 x calf raises OYO

Mosey to the basketball court, third station:
7 x motivator IC
10 x alternating shoulder taps IC
10 x Bonny Blairs IC
10 x Werkins IC
10 x jump knee tucks OYO
1 min Al Gore
1 min Plank

Indian run back to start (via the long way)


20 x LBC IC
20 x American hammer IC
Recover recover


Discussion over snotsicles is coming with the colder weather.

Bubble bath brought his 2.0 crews.

Prayers for Headlock for his surgery and Heart Throb was taking the ASVAB test with subsequent update that he killed it!

My first beatdown Q, will not be my last!

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