The Scene; Windy, 37 degrees. 4 Brave Pax Dr. Porkchop, Square, Cornwallis and Snaphook(Q).

Warmo- Seal Jacks, Abe Vigoda, Goofball & Mosey to Target/Movie Theater area.

switcheroo; Lengthy visit w Mary 1st.

10 X’s and O’s

40 WW2 Sit ups

30 Freddie Mercuries IC

40 Flutter Kicks

30 LBC’s IC

20 Heels to Heaven

10 Side leg raises (ea side)

The 100 (without a pilates mat)

The Thang; 100 yd sprints with 20 reps at the end of each sprint. (made it through 9 rounds)

Stagger Merkins L, Chilly Jacks, Stagger Merkins R, Smurf Jacks, Burpos, Butterfly Crunches, Plank Jacks, Alt Shoulder Taps, Apolo Ohnos.

Moleskin; It was awesome catching up with the Pax at The Pit, Bonus for YHC to visit during a Q source day. If you haven’t visited them, I highly recommend it. just maybe don’t challenge them to sprints… The X’s and O’s were a real crowd pleaser. The 100, i’m not so sure about- but fun to try new stuff. A lot of laughs were had with the mumble chatter back to our starting line. Went with 20 in honor of DJ’s winning Masters score. that led to some good laughs & discussion about mud balls at Augusta. YHC shared that I didn’t enjoy watching some dude tied for 12th complaining about a little mud on his ball, when fans couldn’t be there and so many others are going through so much worse. I know this tournament means everything to these guys so I understand the emotion & passion. This year will make you reflect on what to be anxious about, I hope it has given us all a better appreciation for what we value the most. **fun fact, the guy that didn’t complain about a mud ball on 13, laid up, made a birdie & now has a green jacket.

I appreciate you all so much. – Snaphook

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